Tuesday, May 02, 2006

S Sue V

10 states are suing the Bush adminstration over new light truck and SUV federal fuel-efficiency standards (that term is used extremely loosely here) that ignore the environment and any reasonable form of conservation.

I have to admit that when I saw the words "sue" and "Bush" next to each other in a headline I got a little more excited than this story warrants. Still it is heart warming to see that these states, albeit, all blue states except for the purpleish New Mexico, are standing up to the administration and its love affair with oil and automotive companies.

It's amazing to think that while gas prices are holding steady at over $3.00 a gallon, those in power continue to sell out the American public by allowing corporations to get away with whatever they please.

My first thought is always that anyone who buys an SUV is merely compensating for other shortcomings and deserves to spend 2/3 of their income on fuel. But still, these people and their need to feel like they can crush their fellow motorists increases our fuel use as a whole and helps contribute to the astronomical prices that we all pay.


Blogger Nick Fulton said...

Sweet, I didn't know about people sueing the president. I think it's great that a large group of people are willing to make a stand against the oil companies. I agree with you 100% when you say that people buying SUVs deserve to pay heaps for petrol. The bloody pollution those things put out is phenomenal. Now America needs to recognise global warming. And I don't mean that as a joke.

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