Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Exit Exams... Exit.

In California a judge plans to grant an injunction blocking the graduation of high school seniors who hadn't passed a controverial exit exam that had been put into place this year.

Good for him. An exam like this is utterly pointless. We're talking about a high school diploma here, not a law degree or a doctorate. It's not the state has to live up to the standards of employers out there who are blown away by the incredible achievement of making it through the rigors of high school. Just give them their diplomas and let them get on with their lives.

New York State and its regents exams are a similar situation. If a teacher felt that a student had done enough to pass a given course, why does he or she have to prove it again by sitting through a test that does little but test their ability to take tests? Society wouldn't be losing anything by graduating students who don't have that all important skill.


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