Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Cell Beats the Needle

Today, the Zacharias Moussaoui jury made the right decision, sentencing the wannabe terrorist and 9/11 hijacker to life in prison instead of death. I talked a little about this issue earlier in the month, my view basically being this:

Disregarding whatever outside views one may have about the death penalty it is
certainly not the ultimate solution in this case. Better to make Moussaoui wait
a few more decades in prison before he gets to go meet those 72 virgins.
By living out his days in prison, Moussaoui doesn't get to fulfill the martyr wish that he's held for some time. Even staunch death penalty supporters would have to admit that in this case, the cell certainly seems like a much harsher punishment than the needle.

It's good to see that these jurors were able to have a more sophisticated understanding of this than did President Bush or Rudy Giuliani who were hoping for capital punishment, or than the justice department, for that matter, who spent millions arguing for death.


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