Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Get the Clowns Out, Just Not OUR Clown

According to a new Gallup Poll (alright it's from last week but it's new to me!), public approval of the job Congress is doing is at its lowest level since 1994. Only 23 percent of Americans are satisfied with the goings on on Capitol Hill while 70 percent seem to be a smidge perturbed.

Given the Abramoff and DeLay scandals and congress' complete inability and unwillingness to act as a check on Bush lunacy, its easy to see why people aren't thrilled. But before you start to get all excited about kissing the GOP leadership goodbye let's keep a couple things in mind.

The nonsensical paradox still exists that no matter how upset people are with congress as a whole, they never seem to take it out on their own representatives. The House enjoys a re-election rate of 96% while Senators find their way back to Washington every six years at an 88% clip. Sure there's gerrymandering involved, but still people seem to adhere to the old "Well things are going pretty badly, but this guy's got a nice firm handshake" approach.

Maybe someday people will understand that if you think congress is doing a bad job, and your representative is a Republican, there's a decent chance that he might be just a teensy bit to blame, no matter how good he looks in pictures with babies. Until more of the public discovers the novel concept of VOTING FOR SOMEONE ELSE, I'll hold back on my optimism about a Democratic sweep this November.


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