Sunday, April 23, 2006

Boise Idaho and a Horse and Buggy

Took a look at the gas station on my corner today and to use a Bushism to describe my reaction... "Shock and Awe." 3.15 a gallon! And the station across the street was 3.25. And it's not just my corner. This kind of thing is going on all over.

So I got to thinking... how can I reduce my fuel consumption? Some people buy hybrids, but depending on how much you drive, it can take up to five years for them to pay for themselves. That won't work. I'll be broke by then.

The cheapest gas in the country can be found in Boise, Idaho. I could always move there. But in such an isolated place I'll have to log that many more miles. There go my savings.

Alright... plan C. I'm going to attach some sort of sail to the top of my car and rely on wind power to get me around. But what if the wind isn't blowing in the direction that I want to go? Hmm...

Wait, wait... I've got it this time. Horse and buggy?


Blogger Catherine said...

I'm thinking about buying a car now and I would love to get a hybrid. But how is it that they cost $10,000, or 50% more, than a standard car (in the case of the Honda Accord, for instance?)

I'm not sure if my tree-hugger ideals are worth ten grand to me. On the other hand, as gas approaches $4 a gallon and we're gearing up to cause more mayhem in the Middle East, maybe I'd recover it in a week!

How about redirecting tax breaks and subsidies from big oil toward lowering consumer prices of green cars?

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